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We simply put our clients and security personnel first. Our management team is committed to providing a world class service to our customers and our Security professionals.


Security Services

Having recognised a market need for a highly professional security services company, Focused Security was born in 2012. Previously working at many levels for regional, national and international professional security companies the Directors recognised that the majority of security organisations had lost sight of the basics both in business and in the Private Security Industry.

At the time many local security firms had been acquired by the large nationals and the major players in the market were busy concentrating on how to be more innovative than their competitors.

The basics were missing from service delivery and Focused Security Services set out to fill this void. To this day our company values and method of operating remain the same.

Where We Differ

We provide our security officers with a management team that is contactable, visible and hands on. This in turn produces increased continuity of service for our customers.

Our vision is to be recognised as an employer of choice within the UK Security Guarding Industry. At Focused Security we are continuously improving on what we do and how we recruit to fill security vacancies.

Why Choose FSS:

  • All our Managers are fully site trained.
  • Weekly management visits to each assignment is the norm.
  • Efficient and professional back office function that is best described as internal customer service.
  • We are committed to getting things right first and every time.

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The Key Benefits

  • Clients and staff are the priority of our business
  • We do not employ sales personnel
  • Security officers are paid on time and accurately
  • The safety and welfare of our assets is paramount
  • We provide a best in class service to our customers which is cost efficient and represents true value
  • We do not over promise on service
  • We go further than the extra mile for our customers
  • Seamless service is a given during staff holidays and sickness utilising fully site trained personnel
  • We will only undertake contracts that we can fully support and work with our clients to achieve common goals
  • We seek long term partnerships built on mutual trust, transparency of contract performance and effective communication.


With over 25 years experience within the security industry and a former RAF Police Dog Handler, David has instilled a culture within the company that is seldom seen in most businesses let alone a security company.

With a work with us not for us approach, security personnel feel valued, work in great environments and take pride in their service delivery for our customers.

You will see the difference, we are not targeted to build turnover, we are focused on retaining our customers and staff year after year simply by delivering what we promised.



Charlotte has been instrumental in ensuring that Focused Security maintains the expectations of our customers and security personnel.

With over 10 years experience she is highly experienced with both operational and commercial aspects in our industry. From the outset Charlotte is involved with meeting potential customers and maintaining communication and the service levels promised moving forward.

There is no dilution of service delivery the promises to our customer are made by the Directors and delivered utilising a highly motivated and valued team of security professionals.


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